Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Another Crazy Year...

Another crazy year has come and gone...and so very much has changed.  I sat down to write a Christmas letter and realized that so much has changed and happened this year.  We moved to a new town, a new home, new schools, new jobs, new friends and even new hobbies.    Looking through pictures of the kids they have grown and matured so much this year. 

Our new home feels more like a temporary dwelling and is uncharacteristically unorganized!  Less than 6 months after we rented it the property owner listed it for sale.  I do not love the idea of strangers walking through my home at all!  I have big goals to get the garage organized and GET RID OF THE CLUTTER before we find a new home (hopefully closer to Hunter's school).  On a more positive note, we only live about 30 miles from the beach in Galveston!  All of us love the water and playing at the beach.  Morgan was a little apprehensive at first saying the water (waves) were to "rolly".  It didn't take long before she was following Hunter out as far as we were willing to safely take her.  Hunter and Wes are always happy to toss a football around the surf and just swim around while.  I was broken hearted about moving away from my friends and family.  The beach being a great vacation spot for them has made this so much more bearable.  Some of our closest friends and our parents have all been down to see us!  That brings so much joy to us!!! 

Hunter is such a blessing to me and our family.  I am amazed by the young man standing in front of me who is so much taller than I am.  He is a freshman in high school this year.  He still has a passion for sports and is a strong athlete as well as a leader on the field.  His coaches have had so many wonderful things to say about him.  Cheering for him and his team at football games filled our fall calendar and if all goes well, we will be cheering him on again in the spring for baseball season.  Even though Hunter was excited about the move and being near the other half of his family, changing schools and missing his friends back home has been hard on him too.  He has made some good friends here and had a few girlfriends.  Just like anyone else in high school, he is seems to still be trying to figure out where he fits in and who he wants to be.  He is always texting and on facebook and has even starting actually "talking" on the phone rather than sending one word text.  Most days, he is a wonderful big brother.  Morgan thinks he hung the moon.  I can only imagine how their relationship with grow and change as they grow up and the dynamics of our family change with Hunter leaving for college in a few years.  Hunter is still choosing to take on a tough schedule with all four pre-ap classes.  I wish he would lighten his load a little, but he really wants to prepare for college and I respect him for that.  I guess this is a good lesson in prioritizing for him.  I love singing in the car with Hunter as he has a great voice and can remember most of the words to my favorite songs.  I am so glad that he still prays with me every morning on the way to school and that he still tells me he loves me and kisses me on the cheek before getting out of the truck.  It seems like such small things to be so happy about, but I do realize that he is 15 years old and becoming more of his own man every day.  I want to cherish every little thing for as long as a possibly can. 

Morgan is still a hot mess.  That hasn't changed at all over the past year.  She is so full of fun and laughter and makes me look quiet...that is a difficult task!  She is constantly giggling and smiling and hamming it up for us.  She LOVES to dance and sing.  I would like to sign her up for some sort of dance classes soon.  As far as her singing goes...there may not be any hope.  She is apparently tone deaf and proud of it.  She is your typical little girl, playing with her dolls and barbies, cooking for us from her little kitchen and coloring.  She loves to play games on our phones and her new leap pad for what seems to be hours on end.  We tried soccer this year.  Short didn't work out.  She isn't ready for team sports.  I am okay with that.  She is a very picky eater for us right now.  Her favorites for now are "Robin" noodles, mac-n-cheese, steamed veggies, french fries, beans and rice and "white" ice cream.  Morgan has so many funny little sayings that we all love.  For a long time she said "to-later" rather than tomorrow and "lasterday" instead of yesterday.  She is saying it correctly more and more often and I realize that she too is growing up more every second.  I am also realizing what a sponge she is and how VERY careful we have to be about the words we choose.  Wes and Hunter have taught her to say, "your killing me kid," "none ya...none ya buidness," and of course the infamous, "cool story bro."  She is quite entertaining.  She is very loving and definitely carries a special place in her heart for her Grandparents.  She is forever wanting to call them and even talks to them on her pretend phones.                   

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